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   External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

The installation of External Wall Insulation (EWI) can have a profound effect. Increased warmth, wellbeing and overall general health are the key welfare benefits of an efficient home.  External insulation is by far the best method of insulating your home as it delivers the best results when compared with other forms of wall insulation. External insulation offers many benefits for your home as it can reduce thermal bridging, saving up to 40% of your home heat which is currently escaping through your external walls. Keeping  your home warmer, more comfortable while also enhancing the exterior of your home.

External insulation is a consistent layer of insulation which is fixed to existing exterior walls using a combination of mechanical fixings and adhesive and finished with a protective weather proof render. External wall insulation can be installed with minimal disruption to the house occupants.

Homeowners benefits of using our system of the external wall insulation:

  • Increases the value of your housing stock/receive BER certificate/

  • Reduces heating bills by up to 45%

  • Protects the fabric of the property

  • Reduces heat loss & energy consumption

  • Increases warmth for tenants

  • Helps reduce carbon emissions / 2.5 tons per year/

  • Reduces noise pollution


How much does External Wall Insulation cost?

The cost of External Wall Insulation varies from property to property. However SEAI offer grants of up to €6,000 for External Wall Insulation installation in Ireland.


We have outlined the steps below involved in the installation process of External Wall Insulation.

1. Step: Insulating panels are fixed to the wall using adhesive mortar.

2. Step: Plastic capped fixings are driven through the insulating panels and around their perimeter into the wall to tie the panels securely to the wall.

3. Step: Mortar is then applied over the insulating panels and the fixings.

4.Step: An insulating mesh is then sunk into the mortar to hold the panels in position.

5 Step: The mortar is sanded and painted with primer to prepare it for the render

6 Step: The render finish is applied (available in any colour).

Our team takes every care with your home to make sure all works are perfect and that you benefit from a system that performs perfectly and lasts longest.

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